When does my order commence?

Orders will officially commence upon Accounts Approval.

Accounts approval is provided by our accounts team when:

• The customer completes a 50% deposit payment (of your total bill)
• Within 24 hours of order entry (if you hold an existing account with PRO FIT)

How do I set up an account with PRO FIT?

Once three orders have been successfully processed with PRO FIT within the agreed payment terms you may be eligible to set up an account through your respective sales representative. There is a credit application form which you must fill out to complete the process.

Why is my order number so important?

Your order number is a unique combination of 3 letters and 4 digits (i.e. HAA0001). The second and third letter refer to your sales representatives initials.

This order number is used throughout our manufacturing process to track and manage your order and is the critical number allowing customer service to bring up your current status.

Your order number can be found when you receive your order confirmation. It can also be found on the top right corner of your invoice.

I’m waiting for final goods, could anything be holding this up on my end?

Before we compete full delivery of your product, BLK requires completion of your outstanding account.

Why is my address so important?

Because without it we cannot deliver your product and then this causes a series of delays.

An order can be invoiced and delivered to separate addresses if required. We stress accuracy when providing these details to your representative.

Can I provide a PO Box?

Ideally not as this can cause some issues with our couriers.

What does fulfilment date mean?

The fulfilment date you see on the top right of your order form is a forecast date that our production team use to schedule manufacturing processes.

Please note this date is not a guarantee of your delivery.

While we endeavour to meet this forecast date, a number of variables during the manufacturing process can impact on the actual date that orders will be completed.

What is an RFA?

RFA meaning Request For Art is a ‘proof’ of our custom made garments.

The RFA contains details including the garment style and design, the colours used, the logo sizes and placements, and any production notes that will be used during our manufacturing process.

Each RFA will have a unique number (in the top left corner of the document).

The RFA is used by our manufacturing team when completing a ‘print file’

What is a print file?

The print file is the Computer Aided Design (CAD) image of your garment, which is completed by the artist and then sent to the representative to check prior to production commencing. Usually the representative will approve this on the customers behalf but for complex or unique designs it may be sent to the customer for final approval.

The print file, once confirmed, is the final design, including all logos and sponsors.

Where are my garments made?

We produce garments in two countries.

Pakistan – these garments are made in our owned and operated factory in Sialkot in Pakistan. Our Pakistani factory specialises in producing the highest quality fully sublimated garments.

China – these garments are produced in our partner manufacturing facilities in China. Our China manufacturing processes specialise in cut and sew, cut and sub, and outerwear (jackets, hoodies) garments.

What type of garments can I order?

Essentially we have four types of apparel.

Custom – These are made to order, featuring your preferred designs, colours and logos.

Stock – Pro Fit offers a range of ready to ship stock items, which are ready-made garments for purchase. Our stock range is housed in our Global HQ in Canada

Embellishment – Pro Fit offers this service on custom and stock items. Our embellishment team is based in our factories.

Buy-in – Occasionally Pro Fit may not have the perfect item for you on hand. In this instance, we work directly with our partners to provide you with a tailor made solution.

I see Ex.Factory on my order form, what is that?

Ex factory is the term we use for the scheduled completion date at our production facility. This is when your order is scheduled to leave and be sent to our facility for QC and dispatch.

What does QC mean?

QC meaning Quality Control is its own department.

Pro Fit takes as much pride in our team wear as you do. To ensure our products meet your expectations, QC has a multiple check system in place. Our team physically checks the quantity or garments in each size matches the order requirements as well as spot checking garments within each order to ensure the design, logos and overall look of the garment is correct. Any garments not of a suitable standard are rejected.

The QC team then enters details into our smartsheet system and items are classified as complete or incomplete – allowing quality control to follow up any outstanding orders.

What is a delivery note?

This is our status document showing what has and has not been delivered. Please note the invoice will be sent separately.

QTY DEL is the number of items we have delivered.

QTY B/O are the items that are on Back Order and still to be sent.

My invoice number, what is that used for?

Your invoice number is used for our financial system for matching up payments. It is your tax invoice for accounting purposes.